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Not usually thought of as frugal, but... - The world is doomed
January 22nd, 2012
04:01 pm


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Not usually thought of as frugal, but...
Yesterday, left for Riverside SciFi http://www.meetup.com/riversidescifi book group with about $6.00 on my person.   And by the evening, I bought and consumed at Back to the Grind http://www.back2thegrind.com/ coffeeshop a medium Americano and a large white chocolate chip cookie, bought myself a Riverside Library Friends of the Library bookbag; additionally, at the Eastside branch of the Riverside Library, I go to use free WiFi and borrowed four manga.  For the day I consider that's a fair amount of swag, and yes, I know the borrowed manga has to be returned, BUT they're mine temporarily.  

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