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This will deflate a few fannish sacred cows, BUT... - The world is doomed
August 6th, 2014
04:03 pm


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This will deflate a few fannish sacred cows, BUT...
So this will turn out a bit more meta than I thought it might. Additionally, it relates to a discussion session with JohnScalzi at L.A. Times Festival of Books in 2012. During the discussion Scalzi was commenting on a difference between geeks and elites, and Scalzi said that when two geeks meet they'll sayto each other 'OMG, you like Dr. Who, Star Trek" and then go off and wgeek each other out. Hwcontrasted when an elite will meet someone and finds out they like this thing that they're into they'll need to retool and rethink their own value of the thing, since they're to elite to mingle with the hoi polloi.

So now I'm considering what the elites of fandom (and I'm not necessarily speaking about SMOFs or BNFs) consider when assessing a convention? To the my knowledge these elites do not go to discussion sessions since they're so above discussions with the common fen, they don't go to masquerades or the film tracks for the same reason, and is filk hip enough for this crowd?

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