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Is it all the same? - The world is doomed
October 7th, 2011
04:48 pm


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Is it all the same?
I know regular watchers of the McLaughlin Report and David Brooks and Mark Shields commentaries on NPR's News Hour, who sincerely and earnestly believe that if different sides start yelling at each other, in other words turning up the intensity and volume of the rhetoric, that the respective content does not matter who says what.  Therefore, when Eleanor Clift raises her voice to Patrick Buchanan, and in turn Buchanan raises his in response, the difference in their content from each other becomes irrelevant.  This is what now passes for deep analysis.  Perhaps as subset of this cursory mode of looking at things is illustrated from the following.  Some years ago the mother of a good friend was talking to me about Rush Limbaugh, and she said "Limbaugh should not sound so bombastic on his radio show!"   Seemingly, it did not matter that the big radio gas bag said hurtful, wrong, hateful, bigotted things!  Thoughts, comments and more.

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