The world is doomed

SF reading is for folks who don't have enough imagination to read fantasy

Allan Rosewarne
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Created account so I could leave comments. XThis is its sole purposeX. Ignore previous statement, I am now seeing some use for this account other than comments.

Ignoring the top paragraph, I'll update by saying the original primary purpose was to allow me to leave comments on friends LJ accounts, however, now I see other uses for a LJ account. All along through the recent time, I believed that LJ accounts only purpose was for writers to self publish their writing (as evidence the large number of fan fiction communities and authors), OR for folks with a large circle of friends and causal acquaintances to keep them abreast of their activities, neither of those descriptions fit to me at all (except maybe the writing circumstance a little bit). However, now I see addtional use for a LJ account besides, the two activites previously discussed. It's a easily used interface for bringing personal content to the WWW.

One can probably tell from my interests and maybe some of my journal entries I'm a big SF and fantansy fan. I go to conventions, and tend to geek out. Also, it seems that I might be a big BtVS and Angel fan. Both are all too true. Dr. Who fan, too. Movie fan and fan of movie criticism. Fan of pop culture and pop culture criticism.

I am not native to the MidWest, and I have lived in Chicago suburbs since 1992. Currently between jobs. My life is boring. And I've relocated again. So lets get on with show.
p.s. my journal's subtitle should be seen as a good natured snark, I love SF. However, I've heard some of SF crowd say "Fantasy is for readers not smart enough to read SF!" and mean it, so my counter statement is just a little nudge to let them know there's at least two equally authentic POVs to consider, and my current tastes run very much to the fantasy side. Since to a mimetic fiction fan SF and Fantasy are both alot of very silly stuff, with 'space ships, aliens, monsters, etc'.
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